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Paying homage to the soaring mountains, meadows and streams sets the foundation for beautiful and practical homes designed and built by the REID team. Whether it’s your primary home, second home or a nest for retirement our custom homes in concert with the resort at NAKOMA create a comfortable and contemporary lifestyle in the Sierra-Nevada.

Fulfilling the dreams of escaping to the mountains.

One Custom Home Solution


Private Project

Ready to extend your reaches to the mountains? It’s about listening and creating a new home for you. For us it’s about experiencing, enjoying and sharing. With a deep background in creating custom homes for families for the past thirty years our flagship home design has been completed by our team. Our principles stem from Quality over Quantity, contemporary design yet tapping into the essence of the Sierra-Nevada, homes not too large, energy efficient, and flexible for the families to congregate. Carefully selected lots, sited and designed to maximize views while respecting the surrounding is the first criteria. A more contemporary “Mountain Modern” or “Rustic Modern” theme is our approach which leads us to level of simplicity yet investing in quality materials which is what we know you can appreciate every day and we can take pride in.

A Hidden Gem In The Lost Sierra NAKOMA has dished up an experience to bring the mountains to you.

Tailor Your Home To Fit Your Design Style