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Ready to extend your reaches to the mountains? It’s about listening and creating a new home for you. For us it’s about experiencing, enjoying and sharing. With a deep background in creating custom homes for families for the past 25 years we are designing the first flagship home with our team. Our principles stem from Quality over Quantity, contemporary design yet tapping into the essence of the Sierra-Nevada, homes not too large, energy efficient, and flexible for the families to congregate. Carefully selected lots, sited and designed to maximize views while respecting the surrounding is the first criteria. A more contemporary “Mountain Modern” or “Rustic Modern” theme is our approach which leads us to level of simplicity yet investing in quality materials which is what we know you can appreciate every day and we can take pride in.

Steps to your new home

We know it’s overwhelming to even think about designing your home let alone build it. This is where we come in… there are multiple steps, rules to follow and relationships to foster in order to dig that first scoop of dirt. Putting our team to work lifts that burden allowing you to enjoy the process. Below is a short list of the primary tasks to achieve your new home that we tackle on your behalf.

Lot selection. We balance the emotion of this important first step with your inspirations, knowledge of the development, and construction feasibility.

Design. We deploy our team of design professionals from surveyors, architects, engineers and interiors to conceptualize your home and prepare all plans.

Approvals. On your behalf we deal with the cumbersome process of obtaining approvals from Design Review Committees, County Planning and Building Departments.

Construction. Assembling the team of construction personnel, subcontractors and suppliers to execute the plans and specifications is where the real excitement begins.

Existing Lot Owners

We can be the solution you have been waiting for. With experience in the design and approval process we can clear the hurdles to get your new home launched.

Contact Bill Reid to launch your project: Phone: 530-836-5793 Email:

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